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Sweetheart visits N.Y.
after 9/11



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May, 2001

Sweetheart flys the friendly sky to Seattle, Washington

Here are some pictures of Sweethearts first air line trip to Seattle, Washington. We attended the Delta Society conference on therapy dogs.
Needless to say Sweetheart was the "Bell of the Ball". She charmed everyone! We flew Alaska Airlines (wonderful people) out of Ontario, CA airport. Sweetheart handle the flight very well, she sat on my lap most of the way. On the plane coming home she charmed the gentleman sitting next to us. You can see the happiness in his face as he pets her. Next thing I know she lays her head on his chest and falls asleep. He loved it and will talk about her for a very long time, I'm sure.
Charlie Brugnola Sweetheart's trainer & Therapy Dog Handler

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