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Sweetheart visits N.Y.
after 9/11



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Sweetheart suffered serious burns at the hands of children in September 1999.

As you can see she survived the ordeal. She was adopted and cared for by good Samaritin Barbara Haunsen-Reyez and her family.

With the love and support she received from her new family she healed and is now happy and healthy.

Sweetheart is a Delta Society registered Pet Partner (Therapy Dog). She has also visited with joy the California Veterans Home in Barstow, California and Rimrock Convalescent also in Barstow, California.

Sweetheart is the catalyst behind a pet therapy program in the works at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, California. She volunteers her services inspiring other burn victims (the human kind) to keep surviving!

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The first day she was burned.

Barbara gave Sweetheart regular
medicated baths.

It was Barbara and her family's love and
attention that helped Sweetheart heal so well.

Sweetheart, with trainers Charlie, left and Sally Brugnola, visits burn patient Brian Marsh at Arrowhead Regional Medical Ctr.

The doctor's consult with Sweetheart
on patient therapy.

Sweetheart's scars.

Today she's happy, healthy and loved!

"This special dog helps take
the sting out of healing!"

Please tell everyone you know
about her, especially children.
Please educate them on the proper
treatment of our animal friends!



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